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Sailor Moon

The Sailor Guardians must defend themselves from Malefic Black Crystal power wielded by a group calling themselves Black Moon. To rescue her kidnapped friends, Mars and Mercury, and find the answers s

ISBN10 : 9781612620008 , ISBN13 : 1612620000

Page Number : 237

Millennial Monsters

Millennial Monsters explores the global popularity of Japanese consumer culture--including manga (comic books), anime (animation), video games, and toys--and questions the make-up of fantasies nand ca

ISBN10 : 0520221486 , ISBN13 : 9780520221482

Page Number : 332

Modern Amazons

(Book). The Modern Amazons: Warrior Women on Screen documents the public's seemingly insatiable fascination with the warrior woman archetype in film and on television. The book examines the cautious b

ISBN10 : 9780879103279 , ISBN13 : 0879103272

Page Number : 400

We Love Cosplay Girls

When Cosplay Girls: Japan's Live Animation Heroines was released in 2003, most of us thought anime equaled Pokemon, otaku was a type of noodle and cosplay was something that only happened in faraway J

ISBN10 : 1932897380 , ISBN13 : 9781932897388

Page Number : 80

Channeling Wonder

Television has long been a familiar vehicle for fairy tales and is, in some ways, an ideal medium for the genre. Both more mundane and more wondrous than cinema, TV magically captures sounds and image

ISBN10 : 0814339239 , ISBN13 : 9780814339237

Page Number : 448

Sailor Moon

Chibi Usa's sickly friend Hotaru isn't just Sailor Saturn--Deity of Destruction--she's also possessed by Master Pharaoh 90, making her an invincible foe, unless Sailor Moon can unite the powers of eve

ISBN10 : 9781612620046 , ISBN13 : 1612620043

Page Number : 229

Warriors Of Legend

The book Warriors of Legend is one of the first of its kind, using a specific Japanese anime/manga series- the megahit Sailor Moon- to teach about Japan. Neophytes to Japan studies will find Warriors

ISBN10 : 1419608142 , ISBN13 : 9781419608148

Page Number : 148