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A world-renowned media and cultural critic offers an insightful analysis of serial TV drama and the modern art of the small screen Television and TV viewing are not what they once were--and that's a g

ISBN10 : 0300218095 , ISBN13 : 9780300218091

Page Number : 216

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Television and TV viewing are not what they once were—and that’s a good thing, according to award-winning author and critic Clive James. Since serving as television columnist for the London Observ

ISBN10 : 0300224575 , ISBN13 : 9780300224573

Page Number : 216

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In 2010, Clive James was diagnosed with terminal leukemia. Deciding that “if you don’t know the exact moment when the lights will go out, you might as well read until they do,” James moved his l

ISBN10 : 0300216394 , ISBN13 : 9780300216394

Page Number : 192


This is the first comprehensive study of manliness, a quality both bad and good, mostly male, often intolerant, irrational, and ambitious. Drawing from science, literature, and philosophy, Mansfield f

ISBN10 : 9780300122541 , ISBN13 : 0300122543

Page Number : 289

Gate Of Lilacs

"James writes with exquisite perception and surgical precision; he is a poet of powerful argument and emotional force" The Times Over a period of fifteen years Clive James learned French by almost no

ISBN10 : 1925479277 , ISBN13 : 9781925479270

Page Number : 112

Clueless In Academe

Gerald Graff argues that our schools and colleges make the intellectual life seem more opaque, narrowly specialized, and beyond normal learning capacities than it is or needs to be. Left clueless in t

ISBN10 : 9780300105148 , ISBN13 : 0300105142

Page Number : 309

Dead Distillers

Founders and award-winning distillers of Kings County Distillery Colin Spoelman and David Haskell follow up their successful Guide to Urban Moonshining with an extensive history of the figures who dis

ISBN10 : 1613128894 , ISBN13 : 9781613128893

Page Number : 224


A critical history of the first six decades of the television era traces television's evolution from an immobile piece of furniture with limited sponsored programming to a diverse, on-demand content p

ISBN10 : 9780500519165 , ISBN13 : 0500519161

Page Number : 304