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A More Perfect Military

Surveys show that the all-volunteer military is our most respected and trusted institution, but over the last thirty-five years it has grown estranged from civilian society. Without a draft, imperfect

ISBN10 : 9780199813674 , ISBN13 : 0199813671

Page Number : 240

Hair And Justice

Hair and Justice discusses criminal acts, deviance, rebellion, and power in contexts demonstrating that hair is an intricate and important issue and piece of evidence in criminal justice, constitution

ISBN10 : 0398090963 , ISBN13 : 9780398090968

Page Number : 224

Blood Of The Provinces

This is the first fully comprehensive study of the auxilia, a non-citizen force which constituted more than half of Rome's celebrated armies. Diverse in origins, character, and culture, they played an

ISBN10 : 0199655340 , ISBN13 : 9780199655342

Page Number : 430

Gay Tv And Straight America

After decades of silence on the subject of homosexuality, television in the 1990s saw a striking increase in programming that incorporated and, in many cases, centered on gay material. In shows includ

ISBN10 : 0813536898 , ISBN13 : 9780813536897

Page Number : 283