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Pop Internationalism

"Pop internationalists" -- people who speak impressively about international trade while ignoring basic economics and misusing economic figures are the target of this collection of Paul Krugman's most

ISBN10 : 9780262611336 , ISBN13 : 0262611333

Page Number : 221

Peddling Prosperity

The author of The Age of Diminished Expectations looks at the evolution of economic ideas in America, discussing the work of Milton Friedman, Reaganomics, and academic economists from the Left. 12,000

ISBN10 : 9780393312928 , ISBN13 : 0393312925

Page Number : 303

Listen Liberal

From the bestselling author of What's the Matter With Kansas, a scathing look at the standard-bearers of liberal politics -- a book that asks: what's the matter with Democrats? It is a widespread beli

ISBN10 : 1627795405 , ISBN13 : 9781627795401

Page Number : 224


In the debris of the financial crash of 2008, the principles of John Maynard Keynes—that economic storms are a normal part of the market system, that governments need to step in and use fiscal ammun

ISBN10 : 1610390032 , ISBN13 : 9781610390033

Page Number : 256