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Male Alopecia

This monograph provides specialists and primary care physicians who are interested in hair with the practical know-how needed to achieve successful management of male alopecia. Guidance is first provi

ISBN10 : 331903233X , ISBN13 : 9783319032337

Page Number : 283

The White City

It is the year of our lord, 1893. The crackle of electricity's first sparks, the mechanical whine of Ferris's wheel, the tinkling of crystal from the majestic city atop the hill--the sounds of a new e

ISBN10 : 1466866446 , ISBN13 : 9781466866447

Page Number : 192

Because Of Sex

“Meticulously researched and rewarding to read...Thomas is a gifted storyteller.” —The New York Times Book Review Best known as a monumental achievement of the civil rights movement, the 1964 Ci

ISBN10 : 1466878975 , ISBN13 : 9781466878976

Page Number : 272


Maximized! The Complete Guide to Competitive Bodybuilding covers virtually every facet of preparing for a bodybuilding contest. From dieting and training to posing and tanning, nothing is left to chan

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Page Number : 325

An Ordered Love

An Ordered Love is the first detailed study of sex roles in the utopian communities that proposed alternatives to monogamous marriage: The Shakers (1779-1890), the Mormons (1843-90), and the Oneida Co

ISBN10 : 1469620421 , ISBN13 : 9781469620428

Page Number : 445

Metrosexual Masculinities

Modern men the world over are becoming increasingly fascinated with their image, spending more of their disposable income on beautification products and services. This book examines 'metrosexuality',

ISBN10 : 1137404744 , ISBN13 : 9781137404749

Page Number : 196