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The Truth About Guys

Provides a guide to teenage boys for Christian teenage girls discussing such issues as what guys really want in girls, why guys do not like to talk about their feelings, and how to have a healthy rela

ISBN10 : 1400317290 , ISBN13 : 9781400317295

Page Number : 240

Hair Brained Humor

Wayne Hayworth has been entertaining customers as a barber for 47 years. He has ghost written other books, but this is the fi rst book that openly carries his name as author. Wayne began his education

ISBN10 : 1477115935 , ISBN13 : 9781477115930

Page Number : 97

Men S Relational Toolbox

A collection of humorous anecdotes and practical tips for men explains why workplace and other physical skills may not apply to interpersonal dilemmas, sharing advice on how to strengthen a marriage,

ISBN10 : 1414334192 , ISBN13 : 9781414334196

Page Number : 208

A Shave And A Haircut

If one is looking for a quick way to convert heartache into humor, look no more. Harvie turns every opportunity he can into a way of exploiting those around him, in turn teaching us not to take life s

ISBN10 : 0595168787 , ISBN13 : 9780595168781

Page Number : 216

Hairstyles Of The Damned

'Hairstyles' is an honest depiction of growing up punk on Chicago's south side: a study in the demons of racial intolerance, Catholic school conformism and class repression. It is the story of the rio

ISBN10 : 188845170X , ISBN13 : 9781888451702

Page Number : 278

From Rings To Ringlets

This is the true tale of a cherubic angel, born of Scottish, Welsh, and Turkish decent. Early that morning in the middle of a blinding snow storm, with the temperature hovering near zero, the bedlam b

ISBN10 : 147972615X , ISBN13 : 9781479726158

Page Number : 241