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Sybil S Choice

Suddenly confronted with a diagnosis of brain cancer, Sybil, a young mother of two grown sons and a one-month-old grandchild, faced a dead-end diagnosis. A Spartanburg oncologist gave her a death sent

ISBN10 : 144016858X , ISBN13 : 9781440168581

Page Number : 180


Connor and Izzy, two teens who met at a summer art camp in the Pacific Northwest where they were counsellors, share a series of emails in which they confide in one another, eventally causing Connor to

ISBN10 : 1442413484 , ISBN13 : 9781442413481

Page Number : 416

Running Of The Bride

When Rachel’s handsome studio exec boyfriend proposes on the Sex and the City movie set, she can’t fathom the dizzying adventure ahead. Accepting a once-in-a-lifetime venue deal helps their budget

ISBN10 : 0762785470 , ISBN13 : 9780762785476

Page Number : 256

Marry Me Mackenzie

Daddy, Revealed For a decade, Mackenzie Brand had kept her daughter's paternity a secret. Then she unexpectedly ran into Dylan Axel, and the single mom knew there was no more hiding. Hope's greatest w

ISBN10 : 1460375610 , ISBN13 : 9781460375617

Page Number : 224


This a simple tale about common people caught up in tragedy, in which the power of prayer is invoked quite successfully. The story then follows the lives of the children of the principal characters in

ISBN10 : 1449766013 , ISBN13 : 9781449766016

Page Number : 406

East Oak Grove

Gloria Ruth Mason begins her story May 2, 1980, when she and her four childhood friends sit in the West Virginia University Coliseum waiting to receive their diplomas. The five girls realize this day

ISBN10 : 1483410803 , ISBN13 : 9781483410807

Page Number :