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Quintessential Style

Would you like your mirror to reflect an image that makes you feel wonderful and confident - so great you can totally forget about how you look and get on with the amazing life you want to live? Quint

ISBN10 : 1627871306 , ISBN13 : 9781627871303

Page Number : 153

Geek High

At this school, everyone's a geek. And Miranda Bloom still can't fit in... Miranda is a math genius with divorced parents, an evil stepmother, and no boyfriend in sight. She can't even fit in with the

ISBN10 : 1101211229 , ISBN13 : 9781101211229

Page Number : 256

Valley Of The Lost

In the bucolic mountain town of Trafalgar, British Columbia, a young woman is found dead of a heroin overdose, her baby lying at her side. While this should be an open-and-shut drug case, restraint ma

ISBN10 : 1615950451 , ISBN13 : 9781615950454

Page Number : 300

Faery Tale

In search of something to believe in once more, Signe Pike left behind a career in Manhattan to undertake a magical journey-literally. In a sweeping tour through Mexico, England, Ireland, Scotland, an

ISBN10 : 1101444924 , ISBN13 : 9781101444924

Page Number : 320

Eva Scrivo On Beauty

Eva Scrivo has worked with thousands of women over the years and knows firsthand that beauty is a learned skill that is within everyone’s grasp. Approaching beauty as a whole and each person as an i

ISBN10 : 1451642822 , ISBN13 : 9781451642827

Page Number : 352