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Tattooing The World

In the 1830s an Irishman named James F. O'Connell acquired a full-body tattoo while living as a castaway in the Pacific. The tattoo featured traditional patterns that, to native Pohnpeians, defined O'

ISBN10 : 0231143699 , ISBN13 : 9780231143691

Page Number : 275

Total Tattoo Book

The most comprehensive book yet on this unique art form. Whether flaunted or hidden, sought as art or curiosity, the tatoo has left its mark on generations. From its beginnings as a pagan ornament to

ISBN10 : 0446540625 , ISBN13 : 9780446540629

Page Number : 300

Women The New Doggs

Women: The New Doggs relates the story of four bestfriends who have fl own to the peak of excitement and ecstasy through various rendezvous they have with random men. Their coquettish and siren like s

ISBN10 : 1469116006 , ISBN13 : 9781469116006

Page Number : 258

East Wind Blowing

East Wind Blowing is a boatload of inspiration and insight with stories to bring bravery and healing to anyone who has had the riveting grips of an alcoholic and/or addict in their life. A modern day

ISBN10 : 1468505688 , ISBN13 : 9781468505689

Page Number : 256